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Our New to LA (or Not So New, We All Need a Brush Up) Business Primer Compilation

One of the original inspirations for this site was the questions that I (Sarah here) regularly received from actors who had recently arrived in Los Angeles.  So today, a series of articles we wish we had been given to read upon our own arrival:

How to Join SAG by Sarah Sido

Dallas Travers’ 6 Steps to Great Headshots

On the Set: the Hidden Rules of Movie Making Etiquette by Paul J. Salamoff

The Lowdown on Using the Breakdowns: Parts One and Two by Claire Winters

How Do I Get Into Voice Over: Parts One and Two by Sarah Sido

Spotlight on Casting Director Workshops by Claire Winters

The Best Resource You’re Likely not Using: The Actors Fund by Claire Winters

The Skinny on LA’s Improv Training Scene by David Valdez

Will a Casting Internship Benefit your Acting Career by Laine Monica Baker

Get Camera-Ready with LA’s Best Health and Beauty Bargains by The Broke Girls

We’re still inspired by your questions.  So please, ask away!  What topics would you like to see us explore?  Leave your questions in the comments below.

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  1. Anne Henry on Thursday 15, 2010

    WOW, what a find! I just discovered Brains of Minerva thanks to another great actor blog, Playbills vs. Paying Bills. I’m so excited to have found you. I am the co-founder of yet another actor resource, BizParentz Foundation ( It’s kind of a Minerva for Kids…showbiz kids. Can’t wait to refer our readers to you.