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Wowing the Media

Joy Donnell believes in pursuing the legacy, not the currency. She is Founder and former CEO of entertainment and celebrity PR/branding firm, 720 PR, a Partner at Opulent Pictures, a publicity consultant and international speaker on the subjects of reputation maintenance and self-publicity. Joy has helped thousands of entertainers, entrepreneurs, and creatives realize the power of their own publicity and DO IT IN PUBLIC. Joy can be discovered online at

Joy has given us an excerpt from her book Pitch Perfect: Communicating YOU Flawlessly and is offering the whole book to Minerva readers for $5.

5 Ways to Woo the Media

Don’t just contact members of the press. Wow them! Here are 5 easy ways to make a beautiful and lasting impression with media professionals. Use these tips to solidify your connections and you might find that you’ll get called again and again to be featured.

1. Figure out why you want them. Before you approach a particular journalist, make sure you know why you want them. Be clear about your pitch and why it fits their needs, beat, style, strengths and interests.

2. Familiarize yourself with their work. Writers write for people to read their work. Broadcasters want to be watched. Nothing is more flattering than experiencing someone who’s familiar with their work and possibly a fan. Isn’t it flattering when people know your work?

3. Respect their time. Before you start a live conversation with any media professional, take a minute to ask them if this is a good time for them. Be on time for scheduled interviews. And, be flexible to accommodate their schedule.

4. Get to know the human behind the story. Make personal connections without overstepping your boundaries. If you both went to UCLA, make the connection. Talk about being parents, being single, being from Florida. Do your research on the media pro and see if it unveils similarities. This can be found by reading their bio or wiki page. TIP: Try casually bringing up the commonality from your perspective and allow them to make the connection.

5. Offer them your help for free. Media professionals always need good leads or experts for their stories. Offer to help them get those leads whenever possible and offer your help for free. This will keep you in the know about what they’re working on and make you a trusted ally.

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