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All Good Things…

…must come to, well, not an end, exactly, more like what the New Age shrinks call an “empowered completion.”

After 2 years and nearly 200 articles, we’ve decided to focus our energies on our next endeavors and will no longer be publishing new content on the site. We’re committed, however, to keeping the site alive as an archive. We’ll also continue to post resources, articles, and offers on our Facebook Page and Twitter feed, so be sure to Like & Follow us.

We’ve learned so much about art and business, perseverance and intention, and caffeine and under-eye concealer on this Webadventure. But the biggest boon, by far, has been the intimacy and fun we’ve experienced with our readers, contributors and supporters in building something to serve the creative community that we love.

Both of us have exciting projects on the horizon – we hope you’ll follow us as we continue our evolutions. And we hope that you’ll  use the heart and wisdom of all of our contributors’ articles to continue yours.


Claire & Sarah


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  1. Risa on Tuesday 23, 2011

    I am both saddened and excited for you both in the pursuit of your future endeavors, I was just thinking yesterday about how much great work you’ve done with Brains of Minerva and what that can and will translate in your acting work and whatever else you do… Onward and deepest thanks!

  2. Sarah on Tuesday 23, 2011

    Thank you, Risa. Your support has meant the world to us.

  3. Ayman on Tuesday 23, 2011

    Hell of a run guys! Best of luck on your next big thing!

  4. Ellen on Tuesday 23, 2011

    While I am sad to see the end of new content, I’m glad it sounds like you have other exciting projects in the works. Thank you for the wonderful blog, it’s been a great source of information, not to mention inspiration:)

  5. Bob Gillen on Tuesday 23, 2011

    All good things… change and evolve! I’ll miss the interviews and insights.

    Break a leg on your new projects. You’ve both got the right stuff.


  6. Silvia on Tuesday 23, 2011

    As much as I will miss your articles and interviews, I understand how important it is to move forward in our careers and endeavors. Thank you and best of luck!

  7. Shirley on Tuesday 23, 2011

    Ladies: Thank you so much and great success on your next step.

  8. Jens on Tuesday 23, 2011

    Congratulations! Well done, and thanks!

  9. Sabrina Bolin on Tuesday 23, 2011

    I have no doubts you’ll continue to inspire in your new endeavors – and indeed, I do hope to “see you around the neighborhood.”


  10. Caroline White on Tuesday 23, 2011

    Ladies, All the best in whatever you do next and THANK YOU so much for keeping this KICK ASS valuable resource ALIVE! I always recommend it highly to all my clients. I call it “What Backstage Can’t Tell You Because Impressionable 14-Year-Old Musical Theater Boys in South Dakota are Reading It”


  11. Claire on Tuesday 23, 2011

    Oh, thank you everyone! Carolin & Risa – your articles are such an asset to the site and thank you for having passed the word on throughout our journey. Ayman, Bob, Sabrina, Sylvia, Ellen, Jens and Shirley – your support has been deeply felt & appreciated. Keep in touch!

  12. Kevin on Tuesday 23, 2011

    Lovely post. Signing off with the grace of Terpsichore. Thanks for all!

    (P.S. Only this post shows up in a search for “under-eye concealer”.)