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Speaking Engagements

In their work as The Brains of Minerva and in their individual performing careers, both Sarah and Claire have amassed an impressive knowledge reservoir of actor training options, how to achieve professional milestones such as earning union membership and agent representation, and how to build the foundations of a life that can weather the slings and arrows of a creative career.

Sarah and Claire are available to give a fun and informative talk to your acting class, university or community group, parents group, networking event, or to participate in a panel discussion. Sample topics include:

  • Making the transition from student to professional actor
  • The day-to-day life of an actor in Los Angeles
  • What/when/how to take the next step in your acting training
  • How to guide your child/teen’s acting career
  • Creating your own work as an actor
  • Starting an online business

Past engagements:

Claire served as guest speaker on the Actors Fund’s panel discussion on Teaching Artists and moderated a panel on creating solo theater work for American Conservatory Theater’s alumni association, Home Base.

Both Claire and Sarah spoke as part of the “Live your Dream Acting Telesummit” Summer 2011

Sarah was recently a featured guest on the “To Tweet or Not to Tweet” panel at 99 Actors Day hosted by Risa Bramon Garcia and Andrew Carlberg.

WordPress Website Class and Design Services with Sarah Sido

Interested in building your own Website or Blog? I offer a number of different services to help you create a website. If you’re aren’t sure which product is right for you, or to see examples of my or my students work, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Let me build your site for you. I only work with a few clients at a time because I want to give you my full attention. Send me a message and we’ll schedule a time to talk.
  2. WordPress Classes – You like to do things yourself and you are ready for a website now. This intimate, affordable class is hands on and results oriented. Bring your laptop and work right along with me. No experience necessary. 10% off all classes for Minerva readers.Email for details and to secure your spot!
  3. Private Consultations – You’ve built your own WordPress website, but you know it could be better. You need an outside eye to help you figure out how to make it pop, customize your theme or maybe you want to work on a social media strategy. If your online presence isn’t what you know it could be, let’s talk.


In Transition? Project and Career Coaching with Claire can help you make the most of your next big steps.

I offer a variety of packages to give actors and creative professionals the resources, accountability and inspiration they need to manifest significant and sustainable change.

Clients say:

“I am showing up for myself as an actress, in many ways that I have never done before.” – K.S., Los Angeles

“After taking all the advice and putting it into action over the last year, I now compete at a higher level.” -J.M., Seattle

“Within a month of our last session, I signed with a bi-coastal management company.” -E.R., New York

Learn more about my packages and client stories here. Minerva readers receive 10% off their first booking.

Photo by Andy Hayato Riddle