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“I’ve been a business coach for actors for over eight years.  During that time, I have never seen a resource so chock full of timely tips and valuable insight.  Brains takes actors well beyond the average and often mundane resources for actors. This site is a must for any actor in the know.”

Dallas Travers, Creative Career Coach and Award-winning author of The Tao of Show Business

“Brains of Minerva is one of the first places I tell actors to go. It’s required reading for all my beginners, I rank it with the books: How to Stop Acting by Harold Guskin, Improvise by Mick Napier, A Life by Elia Kazan, and The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I have known Sarah as a friend and an artist since 1995, this act of service to her community is one that all artists can learn from.”

Seth Michael May, Acting Coach and Actor, NYC

“This is a terrific site for actors who are either looking for some solid advice, or just an enjoyable  anecdote to keep them focusing on the joy of their craft.”

Jack Plotnick, author of New Thoughts for Actors and star of countless television episodes, films and commercials.

“‘Brains of Minerva’ is a site of rare service to prospective and working actors not only in Los Angeles but throughout the country. In an industry riddled with fear and misinformation its insider point-of-view offers actors the therapy of knowledge.”

Scott Lowell, Star of Showtime’s Queer as Folk

“BOM offers actors the kind of advice they cannot find anywhere else. An online community with insider knowledge and survival tactics. Any actor should bookmark it now.”

Jason Pugatch, author of Acting is a Job

“As a company who focuses on teaching actors and artists how to better utilize their resources, Capes Coaching is so happy to have found  Their guests’ articles are topical and current and they seem to be always be on top of the latest trends in the industry.  We highly recommend this site as a resource for any actor seeking to gain more knowledge of the industry.”

Jodie Capes, Executive Director, Capes Coaching, Inc.

“As an actor and a financial professional, I’m frequently bombarded with information that lies in the gray area between the artistic and the business worlds.  Which, I suppose, is really a delicate way of noting the amount of trite and repackaged conventional wisdom that is peddled around town without credibility, perspective or personality.  It can make for long, eye-rolling days while pursuing a creative path.  So how refreshing to discover Minerva, a smart and relevant blog that satisfies both our left and right brains, offers insight on the many facets of the Industry, and does so with a fond twinkle and light smirk.  I will continue to read, and continue to be reminded of the many great minds that fuel our Industry.”

Bryan Bellamo, Actor, Director & Financial Head Coach, Abundance Bound

“We love Brains of Minerva’s insightful articles, and exceptional topics interest!  Their contributors are top notch, and we look forward to each new piece of wisdom.  We recommend them highly to hardworking professionals who want to be in the know!”

Kristen Caldwell, Owner of The Actor’s Key

“Brains of Minerva is a true gem.  It provides smart, genuine insight for those of us looking to forge a deliberate career in this sometimes maddening industry.  I think Claire and Sarah have done an utterly fantastic job putting it all together, and I’m grateful to have made even a small contribution.”

Naomi Peters, Actor and Stunt Performer, Broadway’s Metamorphosis and numerous television episodes and films.

I wish there had been a website like Brains of Minerva when I first started in the entertainment business.  There’s nothing like having a place to go for guidance and support as you maneuver through the crazy ups and downs of life as an actor.  Sarah and Claire generously share their passion with the Los Angeles entertainment community and beyond through their website.  Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned veteran in the world of acting, Brains of Minerva is definitely a website to add to your favorites.”

Kai Soremekun, Filmmaker, Actress, creator of Chick Webseries

“A must-read for actors” – Gary Marsh, owner of Breakdown Services,

on The Lowdown on the Breakdowns

“A great post on the different ways to join” – Ben Whitehair,

on How to Join SAG

“A wonderful article…a great job of summarizing the incredibly weird world of grantmaking for actors” –

Sarah McLellan, Theatre Communications Group on Grants for Actors